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Lot 226:

Thousands of manuscript pages "Chidushey Mahari Hilbrun" on the Rambam by Rabbi Yehudah Heilbrun

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Thousands of manuscript pages "Chidushey Mahari Hilbrun" on the Rambam

Autograph manuscript novella on the whole Rambam.

Thousands of pages in 10 large thick volumes.

Was probably never published.

Commentary manuscript on "Mishne Torah" by Rambam. Probably written during the years 1920-1930.

"Pshat" commentary on most parts of Mishne Torah by Rambam, [similar style to "Tife’eret Yisrael" commentary].

The book includes Sefer Zemanim, Sefer Nezikin, Sefer Kinyan, Sefer Kedusha, Sefer Ha-Pli’ah and Sefer Ha-Taharah as well as considerable parts of Sefer Avodah and Sefer Nashim.

See lot 219 for Approbation dated 1932 by Rabbi Baruch Marcus Av-Beit-Din Haifa, to Rabbi Yehudah Heilbrun, on publishing the book.

Rabbi Yehuda Heilbronn (c. 1870-1958) was an unknown genius who lived in Haifa, since immigrating through Cyprus in 1931. Not much is known about him. In his later years, he spent much time in the Yachel Yisroel Yeshiva of Seret Vishnitz in Haifa and many have memories of him spending long hours over Torah study while standing up, though he was already an old man. As far as we known, he is buried in Shomrei Shabbos Zichron Meir cemetery in Bnei Brak.

Ten volumes, thousands of leaves. 32 cm. Generally in good condition. Moth marks.