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Lot 235:

(Chabad) Letter from Rebitzen Shterna Sarah Schneersohn, (Wife of the Rebbe Rashab) of Lubavitch. sighned in Roshe Teivos - 4th of Elul.

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With many blessings in Yiddish and Hebrew.


Signed ש”ש.


Rebbetzin Shterna Sarah Schneersohn, wife of Rebbe Rashab and mother of Rebbe Rayatz. Born in 1860 to Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak of Ovruch, son of the Tzemach Tzedek. Her mother was the daughter of R. Yaakov Yisrael of Cherkasy, son-in-law of the Mitteler Rebbe.


In 1865, her betrothal to the Rashab was celebrated in the home of the grandfather, the Tzemach Tzedek (the groom and bride were both five years old); the couple were wed ten years later, in 1875. She stood beside her husband and assisted him in all communal matters.
She was very active on behalf of the Tomchei Temimim Yeshiva and established an international women’s organization in support of the students of the boys’ schools of Lubavitch. In 1940, she escaped occupied Warsaw for the United States together with her only son Rebbe Rayatz. She passed away on 13th Shevat 1942 and was buried in New York. The Beit Sarah network of girls’ schools was named after her.