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(Talmud) Babylonian Talmud – Amsterdam-Frankfurt am Main, 1715-1722 – Complete Set in Eighteen Volumes

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The complete Talmud Bavli.


Published by Yehuda Aryeh Leib of Frankfurt. Printed in Amsterdam, by the partners R. Shlomo Marcus and Raphael son of Joshua Falasius press, and in Frankfurt-am-Main by Johan Kellner press. 1714 -1722. Bound in 18 volumes. Height approximately 30 cm.




Volume 1: Berachot. Amsterdam. 1714. 100 leaves. Mishna Seder Zeraim Amnsterdam. 1715. 87 leaves. The title page of Berachot is slightly restored.



Volume 2: Shabbat. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1721. [3]. 4 [actually 2]- 193 leaves.



Volume 3: Eruvin. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 130 leaves. Rosh Hashanah. Amsterdam. 1717. 41 leaves.



Volume 4; Pesachim, Frankfurt-am-Main. 1721. 138 leaves. Betza. Amsterdam. 1717. 51 leaves.


Volume 5: Sukkah. Amsterdam. 1717. 68 leaves. Yoma. 1716. 95 leaves. Megillah. Frankfurt-am-Main 1721



Volume 6: Shekalim. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1721. 13 leaves. Chagiga Amsterdam 1716 27 leaves. Taanit. Amsterdam.1717. 37 leaves. Moed Katan. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1721. 44 leaves.


Volume 7: Yevamot. Amsterdam. 1717. 148 leaves. Gittin. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 116 leaves.


Volume 8: Ketubot. Amsteradam 1716 [2], 2-153 leaves. Kiddushin Frankfurt-am-Main, 1720 97 leaves. The title page of Ketubot is slightly restored. With slight loss in Kiddushin leaf 11.


Volume 9: Nedarim, Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 106 leaves. Nazir, 1720, 69 leaves. Sota. Frankfurt- am-Main. 1720. 52 leaves.



Volume l0: Bave Kama Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 146 leaves. Makot. Frankfurt-am-Main, 1720. 28 leaves.



Volume 11: Bava Metzia. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 156 [actually 159] leaves. Tractate Shevuot. Frankfurt-am-Main 1720.61 leaves.



Volume 12: Bava Batra. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 219 leaves.



Volume 13: Sanhedrin, Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 129 leaves. “Avodat Kochavim U’Mazalot“. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720,97 leaves (with the title page). Horayot Frankfurt-am-Main, 1720. 17 leaves. Eduyot. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 14 leaves. Avot D’Rebbe Nathan & Masechtot Ketanot] 52 leaves.


Volume 14: Zevachim. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1721. 126 leaves. Bechorot. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 73 leaves. There are some copies of Zevachim with two additional unpaginated leaves in the beginning.


Volume 15: Menachot. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 116 leaves. Erchin. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 38 leaves.


Volume 16: Chulin. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1721. 177 leaves.


Volume 17: Temura. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 36 leaves. Kritot. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 32 leaves. Kinim, Tamid & Midot. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 43 leaves.


Volume 18: Nidah. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 88 leaves. Mishna Seder Taharot. Frankfurt-am-Main. 1720. 178 leaves.





This is a classic edition of the Talmud Bavli, with important additions that were published here for the first time. Its significance can be appreciated through its role as the underlying basis for practically all subsequent editions of the Talmud. Published by R. Yehuda Aryeh Leib. Dayan inFrankfurt, who published this edition of the Talmud according to the writings of his father, R. Yosef Shmuel of Cracow, who also added many reference notes to the Mesoret HaShas and Ein Mishpat.


The Chid”a writes in his Shem Ha Gedolim:


“R. Yosef Shmuel of Cracow, head of the Rabbinic Court of the Frankfurt community, is the genius who successfully edited the Talmud, Rash “i, Tosafot and the Ros”h, and also greatly benefited the public with cross-reference notes to the Talmud and the Ramba”m, increasing them tenfold from the Amsterdam 1647 edition. I also heard that he reviewed the Talmud in-depth 42 times… and instructed his son R. Yehuda Aryeh Leib to publish the Talmud with his annotations, which he subsequently published – part in Amsterdam and all of it in Frankfurt.


The printing of this edition of the Talmud began in Amsterdam in 1714. The project was stopped in 1717, while in the middle of publication of the order Nashim, and was renewed in Frankfurt in 1720. After completing the publication of the Talmud in Frankfurt, they reprinted the tractates that had been already printed in Amsterdam. Some volumes of this copy were printed in Amsterdam, and the remainder in Frankfurt”.


With owner’s signatures in every volume: Ya’akov Bing.


A complete copy of the Talmud that has remained intact throughout the years, lacking scarcely a few letters! Most copies had the title page of Tractate Avoda Zara removed

for fear of the gentiles. This copy, however, contains this rare title page! It is in excellent condition, particularly considering that it is almost 300 hundred years old! The title pages of Sukkah and Bava Metzia are from another copy. All volumes are bound in uniform bindings.