Sefer  Shaarei Torah and Shaarei Zimra. By Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Henna.

First Edition, Hamburg, 1718.

[4]. 29. 40-78 leaves.

Very rare, edition limited to 200 copies, has never appeared at public auction.

See Hebrew description about limitation information.

Good condition, age stains, repaired tear to page 61, original leather binding a little detached & lacking spine.

Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Henna (1687-1746) was a prolific author who was widely acknowledged as one of the greatest Hebrew grammarians of his era. It is interesting to note that his proposed amendment into the prayer text evoked widespread objections. His famous published works include Binyan Shlomo (Frankfurt, 1708); Shaarei Torah and Shaarei Zimra (Hamburg, 1718); Shaarei Tefillah and Siddur Beis Tefillah (Jeßnitz, 1725); Yesod Hanikud (Amsterdam, 1730); and Tzohar Hateivah (Berlin, 1733).

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Sha'arei Torah, First edition, Hamburg 1718- Limited edition to 200 copies.

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