Sefer Mateh Moshe, a halachic work from the period of the Acharonim authored by the Gaon Rabbi Moshe Mat, av beit din of Premishlan. Proofread by R’ Shlomo Zalman London.

Frankfurt, 1720.

Second edition of this important sefer containing more than 1,000 sections with laws and customs alongside words of encouragement and faith. With an approbation from Frankfurt rabbis, Rabbi Ya’akov Kohen of Prague, Rabbi Ya’akov HaKohen Shatin – Maharshasha"ch.

The Mishnah Berurah cites him with respect to the prohibition of speaking during kaddish: "Sefer Mateh Moshe siman 411 brings in the name of the midrash that a sage appeared to his disciple in a dream and the disciple saw a stain on the sage’s forehead, and asked him why this was so. He answered that he was not careful to not speak when the chazzan would say kaddish." (Mishneh Berurah, siman 56, se’if kattan 1).

 Title page and the colophon with nice etchings.

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Mateh Moshe by Rabbi Moshe Mat of Premishlan, a Disciple of the Maharsha"l. Frankfurt, 1720

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