Uncommon edition.

Sefer Hakavonut of the Ar"I HaKodush. With editing from Hagaon Rabbi Pesachye Rabbi of Frankfurt D’Main.

Jeßnitz, 1723.

Sefer Hakavonut was first printed in the year 1620 in Venice by non Jewish printer, Great Mekubalim did not put their hands on that edition. About four years afterwards [in 1624] Then Hagaon and mekubal Rabbi Pesachye Rabbi of Frankfurt D’Main edited the sefer and published the revised edition. since during the time of the first edition Rabbi Pesachye was imprisoned, he therefore could not edit the sefer as he himself testified "בעת צרה בהיותי חבוש בבית האסורים בק"ק פרנקפורט בעונותי כ"ג יום"

Lacking pages, completed in contemporary manuscript.

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Sefer Hakavonut L'Rabbainu H'Ar"i. Jeßnitz, 1723.

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