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Large margined copy, Rare: Megishei Minchah. Amsterdam 1725. First Edition.

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Sefer Megishei Minchah "Which is Torah with commentary … Rash"i … also the Maspik commentary in German [in Tze’enah U’Re’enah letters] on each and every verse … as well as homilies from several midrashim and Torah commentators." By Rabbi Menachem Mann Amlander and Rabbi Eliezer Zussmann Roedelsom.

The Bible was printed in pamphlets that were distributed to subscribers every week. (Foreword by Reb Menachem Amlander at the end of Part 4).

Has appeared only twice at public auction, the first time back in 1982 at Sotheby’s (also only this part, where it brought $550).

Large margined copy: 37.3 Cm.

[2], 238 leaves.

See Hebrew side for expanded description.

Overall in Very Good Condition, large margins, water stains, taping in the margins of the first 2 & last 6 pages, old binding.