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Mor Dror, By Rabbi Mordchai Deutch grandfather of Rabbi David Rabbi the Ohel David. First Edition, Prague 1738.

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Novella on the Talmud.

First Edition. Prague: Grandsons of Judah Bak 1738.

Large margined copy, 25 cm.

The author Rabbi Mordechai Deutsch (1702-Tishrei 1772), disciple of Rabbi David Oppenheim Av Beit Din of Prague. Son of Rabbi Chanoch Yehuda Deutsch of Pressburg (died Tishrei 1736). Served in the Moravian rabbinate in several communities and taught Torah in his yeshiva. From 1722-1739 he served as Av Beit Din of Polná (Bohemia). At that time, he printed this Sefer Mor Dror .

In 1740, he moved to Hungary and served for over 30 years in the rabbinate of Hlohovec, Slovakia. His grandson is the renowned Torah genius Rabbi David Deutsch, author of Ohel David, Av Beit Din of Ir-Chadash Semnitz, father-in-law of the Maharam Ash Av Beit Din of Ungvar. 

Stamp of the Yechiel Wallach Beis Midrash – the ancient Kloiz of Hamburg.

Rabbi Daniel [Yechiel ben Rabbi] Shlomo Wallich, a Talmid Chacham, leader of the community and philanthropist who established the Beis Midrash "Yechiel Wallich Kloiz" in Hamburg and headed it. His father rabbi Shlomo Zalman Wallich was a businessman and philanthropist, one of the leaders of the Hamburg community, a close disciple of Rabbi Yonoson Eybeschütz who stood by his side during the battle against him. passed away in 1789 and bequeathed one of his two houses to the Kloiz.