Intricate historiated title, featuring woodcut images of Moses, Aaron, angels and flowers

Antique signature : Yitzchak Benaim.

Another antique Sephardic signature  יעקב י"ץ ס"ט.


Born in Izmir, the author (1690-1768) studied under R. Chaim Abulafia. Upon emigrating to Jerusalem, he was appointed one of the community’s charitable emissaries and spent several years traveling throughout North Africa as well as Italy. He later settled in Libya, where he was appointed Chief Rabbi and established a yeshiva in Tripoli.

  The present volume is the only installment to be printed during the author’s lifetime. Vols. II and III were issued more than a century later in 1862-3 (Livorno), while Vol. IV was printed another century later, in 1964 (Jerusalem).

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Ma'asseh Roke'ach, Venice 1742 – First Edition. Antique Signatures.

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