Sefer HaRashba"sh, one of the important Halacha books. Responsa by Rabbi Shlomo ben Shimon Duran the son of the Rashba"tz.

First edition. Livorno, 1742. Page 50 with antique marginal notation.

Rabbi Malachi Hacohen, author of ‘Yad Malachi’, had the manuscript and gave everyone permission to print it. The philanthropist R’ Avraham Meldola brought this book to print. The book is accompanied by approbations by the Yad Malachi and the Mishnat Chassidim and more.

In Siman 195, a responsum pertaining to being saved from a plague. The author was asked what is the point of escaping the town during a plague, since it has already been decided on Rosh HaShana whether one will die or live and an important and interesting responsum by the author. In Siman 89-90, responsum about Conversos and the sons of Conversos who returned to Judaism, basic responsum on these Dinim.

Refer to Hebrew catalog text for a brief biography of Rabbi Shlomo ben Shimon Duran.

[3], 140 leaves. 32 cm. Bright, high-quality paper.

Good condition, tapings to title page & with tear to border, stains & water stains, light marginal worming, later binding detached.& missing spine.

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Shu"t HaRashba"sh, Livorno 1742. Interesting Reponsum on a Plague. First Edition.

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