Sefer Asefat Zekenim, Shita Mekubetzet – Tractates Bava Batra and Nazir, by R. Betzalel Ashkenazi.

Livorno, 1774. First edition. 

This edition was printed by Rabbi Yitzchak Nunish-Bilmonti an Istanbul scholar author of "Sha’ar HaMelech" who reached Italy on a journey for collecting donations after the large fire which took place in Istanbul in 1772. At that time, he brought Rabbi Bezalel Ashkenasi’s manuscript with him and began to print it in Livorno but he died near the end of the printing as written in the approbation by Livorno rabbis in Tamuz of 1774.

Stefanski Sifrei Yesod 62.

Good-Fair condition, water & mold stains, marginal worming, later binding, front cover detached.

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Classic: Shita Mekubetzet, Livorno 1774, First Edition. Approbation by the Chid''a.

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