Sefer Mizbach Adama – by the wonder-worker, the Rishon LeTziyon Rabbi Raphael Meyuchas Becher Shmuel – the first of those who gave approbations to the Sefer by the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh.

In 1723, the author was sent as an emissary to the Constantinople communities, to annul the harsh decree enacted upon the Jews of Jerusalem. After his successful mission, he at first went to Egypt in the south for the purpose of visiting his father’s grave. On his way back to the Land of Israel, he was attacked by bandits who robbed him of everything, leaving him with only his cloak and his tzitzit. Yet their thirst was not quenched, and they began to beat him. He relates, "They hit me with fists and I fell to the ground, where I accepted the yoke of Heaven. Another came and struck me in the neck with his sword …The merit of my sacred ancestors stood by my side, and the sword broke in two [!]. Nine others followed his act, and all nine swords were broken. And I, the poor one, felt nothing, as my neck became like marble stone …"

The bandits then understood they were dealing with a holy man, and retreated. But a short while later, they miraculously stopped in their path, without the ability to continue or to return. They became very afraid, and decided to go back to Rabbi Meyuchas and return what they stole from him. Immediately after this, a man with a face of flames turned to him and offered his assistance "and within a moment I arrived in Jerusalem." He established the day he was rescued as a day of celebration, and some of his descendants celebrate it to this day.

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Mizbach Adama, Saloniki 1777. Rare First Edition.

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