Sefer Ha’emunos V’hadeios, faith and Judaism by Rabbi Saadia Gaon. Originally written in Arabic and translated by Rabbi Yehuda Ibn Tibon.

Constantinople, 1562. First Edition. Printing press of Shlomo son of Yitzcahk Yavetz.

Ha’emunos V’hadeios was the first published work to thoroughly elucidate the principles of Jewish belief. It contains all the profound tenets of Jewish philosophy according to the Torah, and all subsequent works of Jewish thought draw from this monumental piece, including the works of the Rambam and the Ramban.

The first Jewish philosophical work, and one of the classic works on Jewish thought authored in the Middle Ages.

Copy lacking title page, first 2 pages damaged mostly in margins, first 23 pages with small marginal hole, lacking pages 29-32, water & age stains, worming to inner margins, last 4 pages from different copy, they are smaller in size & with erasures in the text, later binding.

Present are 83 out of 86 Leaves.

Nice margins, 20.4 Cm.


Stefansky Sifrei Yesod # 493.

"Our nation is not a nation without our Torah" (p.37a) which referred both to the Oral and Written Torah.

Was one of Rav Saadia Gaon best-known aphorisms.

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Classic: The Book of Beliefs Rabbi Saadia Gaon. First Edition. Constantinople, 1562.

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