Two small paper Sifrei Torah that the Holy Rebbe Chaim Zanvil Abramowitz of Ribnitza (Rimnitz) used on his Mesirus Nefesh trips all over Russia to perform Bris Milas & Shecita.

The Brother-in-law of the couple had conectioin with the local Russian police & helped secure the Rebbe’s release when he was arrested many times on the charge of promoting Judaism.

As a token of appreciation the Ribnitz  Rebbe was Mesader Kedushin at the couple’s wedding, he wrote their Ketuba & gave them these 2 Sifrei Torah that were very precious to him as a wedding gift.

Mrs. Tcharna, as well as her late husband R. Eliezer both related seperately several times over the years the tremendous atmosphere of fear at their wedding. Even though it took place in the kitchen of the above brother-in-law & attended by a very small crowd, it was still a hurried affair by the Rimnitz Rebbe.

She also sat down to write a attesting letter (written in typical handwriting of a Russian Jewess..)

”I the undersigned attest that i received these two small paper Sifrei Torah from the Reebbe Chaim Zanvil in Ribnitza on the occasion of my wedding to my late husband Eliezer A”h in 1961.

The Rebbe used [these] Sifrei Torah on his trips in the vast country.

This i sign today the 8 of Tisrei 2023 Tcharna Dobrobvovski”

Accompanied by a Copy of the Ketubah that the Holy Rebbe of Ribnitz wrote at the above wedding. The Ketubah is not included in the lot & is shown for illustration only.

Wear & tears as expected.

The famous Holy Rebbe Chaim Zanvil Abramowitz of Ribnitz (Rimnitz), was a righteous and holy man considered by some as a "Tzaddik of the ancient generations". He was born in 1897 in Botosani, Romania, and was raised by Rabbi Avraham Matityahu of Shtefinehst, who had no children of his own, and considered him his "new creation".

From a young age, he lived a life of holiness and purity, eating little and immersing himself in frozen rivers as a form of ritual purification. He traveled extensively, risking his life under the  Communist rule to circumcise Jewish children and even the children of high-ranking government officials, often without their fathers’ knowledge, and performing kosher slaughter.

He was known to break the layer of ice above the river and dive into the freezing water through the hole created, risking his life to do so. Even in his old age, he would immerse himself in the mikveh with incredible speed. He had two close friends in Russia with whom he studied many Sugyot in the Talmud (he said that he knew the entire Talmud with Rashi’s commentary by the age of 18), who would later become leaders of Israel: the Rebbes of Skver and Skulen.

He miraculously survived the Nazi regime, and during this time he became known as a "miracle worker" among the people. In 1973, he left Russia and settled in Israel and later in the United States, where he continued his unique work and teachings. Many who sought his guidance and blessings have experienced miracles and wonders through his intercession. The Ribnitzer Rebbe passed away in 1996, leaving behind many followers and admirers who continue to cherish his legacy by praying at his grave.

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Lot #131

The Mesirus Nefesh Sefer Toras of the Holy Rimnitzer Rebbe! Given by him as a wedding present in Russia where he was Mesader Kedushin. Ribnitz 1961.

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