Sefer Mosaf HeAruch on Sefer HeAruch, by Rabbi Nathan bar Yechiel Maromi (including the text of Sefer HeAruch) by Rabbi Binyamin Mosifa.

First edition. Amsterdam, 1655.

Antique glosses in a Sephardic hand.

HeAruch was written in the 11th century by Rabbi Nathan Maromi, and his words became the cornerstone for all that followed. It is essentially the most comprehensive early dictionary of Chazal’s literature. In 1655, Rabbi Binyamin Mosifa printed this book Mosaf HeAruch as a supplement to Sefer HeAruch by Rabbi Nathan Maromi, relying on his extensive knowledge of Greek and Latin. In this work he emphasized recognition of the importance of knowing the Greek language in order to understand words and concepts in the Mishnah.

[2] 143 leaves, 31 cm.

Good-Fair conduction, tears with losses to title page, wear & stains, water stains, worming to inner margins of pages 2-60, later binding.

Stefanski classics 525.

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Musaf HeAruch – Amsterdam 1655, First Edition. Marginalia.

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