Sefer Lashon Limudim, chiddushei halachah on the Arba Turim and the Beit Yosef, by Rabbi Barzilai Baruch Yaavetz.

Izmir, 1755. Only Edition.

Antique signature: Yitzchak son of Ephraim Taranto. Other antique Sephardic signatures. 2 antique marginal notations on page 104-105.

A scarce Sefer.

[2], 120, 86, 54, 16 leaves.

Fair condition, stains, worming, later binding.

The author, Rabbi Barzilai Yabes, was a Chacham of Izmir and Turkey, the son of Rabbi Baruch Yabes and the son-in-law of Rabbi Eliyahu Chako, author of Ruach Eliyahu. He taught many talmidim, including Rabbi Yitzchak Nunes Belmonte, author of Shaar Hamelech on the Rambam, who mentions him a number of times in his work. Other disciples included Rabbi Aharon Elfandri, Izmir rabbi, and his son-in-law, Rabbi Yehudah Ashkenazi, author of Machaneh Yehudah, who later served as Chief Rabbi of Izmir.

The Sha’ar Hamelech’s eulogy for him was printed in the Derech Hasha’ar kuntress that was added to Darchei Hayam.

In his introduction, the author writes that he previously printed the Sefer, but a fire consumed all the copies, except for the one copy that the author had taken home with him.

Printed at the press of Yehudah Chazan. The Sefer opens with the printer’s apology for the Sefer’s simplicity, because it was printed at the new press and his promise to print future works at the Amsterdam press.

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Halachah. Lashon Limudim. Izmir. 1755 – Only Edition. Signatures & Marginalia.

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