Machzor Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Shalosh Regalim, According to the custom of Poland Pihem, Mehrin, Lita and Reisin with translation of Loshon HaKodesh.


This  machzor was printed in the famous Holy press of Rabbi Moshe Shapira , the legendary Slavita Rav, , who was the son of the Admor Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz.



With the approbations of Rabbi Chaim Hakohen Rapaport, Rabbi Efraim of Sudyklow, and the Ostroh beit din.


Antique signature & marginalia.


2, 8, 13-40, 37-66, 69-236 Leaves. Slightly mispaginated.


Overall in good condition, light tears to title page, usage, water & age stains, tapings to final 2 pages. Later binding, partly detached.

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Machzor for the whole year. Slavita, 1826. Rare.

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