Invitation sent by The Holy Rebbe Rabbi Nathan David Rabinowitz of Pertzova before the wedding of his son the Holy Rebbe Elimelech Moshe Yechiel Rabinowitz of Lubartow with Rebbetzin Chaya Miriam daughter of his Mecutan & brother in law the Holy Rebbe Yisroel Shapiro of Grodzisk.

[Parczew], 1912. Extremely Rare!

See Hebrew description for a interesting story that happened at this wedding.

The Holy Rebbe Rabbi Nathan David Rabinowitz, from the Polish city of Pertzova (Parczew) was a gaon in Torah and famous in his time. He was the son of the Holy Tzaddik Rebbi Yitzchak Yaakov of Biala (from whom emerged the famous Biala dynasty), as well as the grandson of the Holy  Rebbi Nathan David of Shidlovtza.

People could see that Rebbi Nathan David was from a noble line. From very early on in life, he spent many hours each day diligently studying Torah and Chassidut, completely separated from the vanities of this world. In fact it was said that he didn’t even know what a coin looked like.

He was famed as a scholar and holy man, and became Rebbe in Parczew during his father’s lifetime. He later became Rebbe in Siedlce, and his writings were published after his passing as "Eleh Hadevarim Shene’emru LeDavid"

He devoted himself not only to the revealed Torah. He also possessed an extensive and clear understanding of the hidden Torah, and many Kabbalists of his time came to study with him late at night. He wrote many Seforim on Kabbalah, but unfortunately the world did not merit to see them. These Seforim were lost forever, a fact that he bitterly regretted for his entire life. Rebbi Nathan David often described himself as being the root of the soul of the saintly Rebbi David of Lelov. As it turned out, he passed away on Rabbi David’s yahrtzeit, Shevat 7, dying in the prime of his life. 

His sons were Rebbe Elimelech Moshe Yechiel, Rebbe of Lubartow, and Rebbe Baruch Yehoshua Yerachmiel, son-in-law and successor of the "Minchat Elazar" of Munkacs (Mukacheve). 

The Mechutan the Holy Rebbe Yisroel Shapiro, Admor of Grodzisk (1874-1942). He was appointed Admor in 1892, at age 18, upon the passing of his grandfather. As a result of WWI he moved to Warsaw where he led a large Hasidic court with many disciples. The Admor was know for his sweet voice and is the composer of many Hasidic songs. Two of his Hasidic works were published Amunat Yisrael (Warsaw 1917) and Binat Yisrael (Warsaw 1938).

At age 70 he was taken to and perished in Treblinka with his disciples, refusing to separate from them. "Let us die like R. Akiva" he exhorted them. All his children perished as well, except one son who became Admor in Jerusalem.Hy”d.

His son/son in law the Holy Rebbe Elimelech Moshe Yechiel Rabinowitz was born to Rebbi Nathan David of Parczew, and his mother, Leah, daughter of Rebbi Yechiel Yaakov of Kozhnitz, in the city of Parczew. He was raised and educated by his father. In 1912 he married Mrs. Chaya Miriam, daughter of Rabbi Yisrael of Grodzhinsk. They had three children: Yitzchak, Chaim, and Razel (who perished in the Holocaust at the age of 8).

On the 6th of Shevat 1930, his father passed away in the city of Shedlitz, and Rabbi Moshe Yechiel took on the mantle of leadership for his father’s Chassidim and moved to Lubartow. Despite being the son of a Pshischa Rebbe, his customs were in the style of Kozhnitz. In his first year of leadership, he would often prolong the Tish and Torah discussions. However, after a year, he changed his leadership style, and since then he did not have a set time for hosting meals, and he did not always have a meal on Shabbat, and sometimes even during the week. He would often arrive very late for the third meal, and in winter, he would sometimes enter the Tish several hours after the start of Shabbat.

Among his Chassidim was the famous Holy Rabbi Shimon Engel-Horwitz ("Rabbi Shimele of Żelechów"), the head of yeshivas Chacmei  Lublin, who was twenty years older than him. He would send boys from the yeshiva to visit the Rebbe, and he himself would travel to Lubartow frequently.

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Invitation of The Holy Rebbe Rabbi Nathan David of Pertzova to the royal wedding of his son the Holy Rebbe Elimelech Moshe Yechiel of Lubartow to the daughter of the Holy Rebbe Yisroel Shapro of Grodzisk. 1912.

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