The matte silver case is superbly engraved with foliage motifs throughout the front of the case. The Hebrew word Tehillim is beautifully embellished in blue Enamel. Silver and Gilt handles for perusing through the scroll. Two silver and gilt magnificent revolving crown heads. Gilt edges on the corners lead into four Gilt harp-shaped gates that it rests on. A wooden stand is attached to the back for raising the Tehillim case from a laying position to a reading position.


Surrounding the two scrolls contained in the sides of the case are the Hebrew words in front “Hodu Lehashem Bekinor Benevel Asoar Zamru Lo”, meaning “Thanks to Hashem on the violin with ten types of melodies they sang to him” on one side.


The other side reads in Hebrew “Sheeru Lo Sheer Chadash Heytevu Nagen Bi’teruah” meaning “Sing unto him a new song; Play skillfully with a loud trumpet sound”.Tehillim scroll is written in the style of “Ketav Ari Zal.”


This distinct inscribing style of writing on the scroll is clear, concise and very sought after. The scroll itself is worth many thousands of dollars


Kesav Arizal-Chassidic:  Kesav Arizal, which is basically a similar font to that of Kesav Beis Yosef, but incorporates certain important Kabalistic nuances. These nuances are found in only specific letters, mainly the Alef, Vav, Ayin, Tzaddik, and Shin. It is named after the Arizal being that he is the one who authored these changes. Although ideally the changes of the Arizal were only in the above said letters, today’s Arizal script follows the form of letters innovated by Rav Nesanel Topilansky, a Jerusalem scribe, who in turn learned it from a scribe from Minsk, who in turn learned it from the Parshiyos of the Gr”a. This form of script of Arizal differs from the form that was written in Europe prior to the Holocaust.


Illustrations on the Tehillim case by M. Gerstenkorn.


Signed and monogrammed by IMG Judaica Ltd.


In excellent condition


Dimensions: 16.5in. x 15.5in. above crown and handles


Provenance: The collection of Shlomo Drimmer.

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A Grand Breath-Taking Tehillim on Parchment in a Silver and Gilt case by IMG Judaica Ltd.

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