Sefer Kol Haremaz, 2 parts, Warsaw 1879.

Title page with very interesting inscription that is partly hidden by old tape, the part that is readable says ”Tzadik Yesod Haolam Ben Kedoshim Chaside Uprishe Mofat Hador Hameforsem…. Morenu Yissachar Dov of Belz”

Inscription & stamps: Beth Hamedrash of the Gaon Rabbi Shimon Sofer Zt”l Rabbi of Krakow. Founded by the Chassidim of the Belzer Rebbe Shlit”a.

Stamp: Kehal Maczikei Lomdei Torah Krakow.

Good condition, Light tears & wear, old binding.

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Lot #45

Copy of the Belz Synagogue in Krakow. Interesting inscription. Kol Haremaz, Warsaw, 1879.

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