By the Dayan Rabbi Ephraim Heksher. 

The Gaon Rabbi Ephraim Heksher, one of the greatest Dayanim of Altona, a Dayan in the Beit Din of the author of Knesset Yechezkel, and his successor as Av Beit Din after his death. He was a firm friend of Rabbi Yaakov Emden, even throughout the bitter dispute. Author of the book Levu Chen (Altona, 1733), Adanei Paz (Altona, 1743) and Devarim Chachamim V’Chidotam (Altona, 1743). He died at an old age in 1759, refer to Chacham Ah”u page 32.

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Adnei Paz – Only Edition, Altona, 1743

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