Sefer Livyat Chen, principles of Hebrew grammar and writing, by R. Immanuel Benevento.

Mantova (Mantua): Meir ben Ephraim of Padua and Yaakov ben Naftali Hacohen of Gazzolo, 1557. Only edition.

[6], 108, 2 leaves.

The last two pages were only added to a few select copies and are extremely rare!

Containing: Lamentation over the burning of the Talmud in Ancona, in the 1554, to which the author was a witness , opening: The heap of all my troubles. My sorrows and my sorrows. See: Otzar Hashira and Piyut 3, p. 291, no. 949.

Good condition, some pages cut close to characters, stains, taping to last page, later binding.

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Livyat Chen - Mantova, 1557. Very rare, with the rare pages.

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