The most fundamental and influential Kabbalah Sefer.


On Rosh Chodesh Iyar of 1558, the process of printing sefer Zohar from the Tana Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai commenced. The great Kabbalists of the time viewed the printing of this holy sefer and its resulting accessibility by the public as a Heavenly sign that its study would hasten the redemption.
Sefer Zohar undoubtedly stirred a revolution with regard to the study of Kabbalah, drastically changing the landscape of Torah study in the Torah world.
This first edition was published in Mantua 1558 – 1560 and was upheld as the most accurate version of the Zohar text.
The Arizal and his disciples used this present edition for the study of the Zohar, and whenever the Arizal’s disciples refer to the Zohar text, they use the page count of this present first edition version.
Many Rabbinic leaders opposed the printing and public distribution of Kabbalah, maintaining that Kabbalah should only be passed orally through teacher and disciple.
Countering this view, the present edition includes a long Halachic ruling from the Chacham Rabbi Yitzchak de Latisch, a senior rabbinical authority in Italy, who rules that not only was its publishing permitted, it was actually a mitzvah to publish this holy sefer.
This almost complete copy includes three parts (four title pages),
Breishis: [7], 251 Leaves.
Lacking leave [3] of the foreword.
Overall in fair condition, part of tile page in facsimile, added margins, loss to headers, stains, last 3 pages restored.
Antique signature:
Yaakov Vidal. Dozens of antique marginalia in a Sephardic hand (most of them shaven).
Shemos: 269 Leaves.
Overall in good condition, nice margins, stains, first 3 & last 7 leaves with paper repairs.
Vayikra: 115 Leaves.
Overall in good condition, nice margins, stains, paper repairs to first 2 leaves.
Bamidbar – Devarim: [2], 118-300 leaves.
Lacking leave 228.
Overall in good condition, marginal paper restoration to title page, nice margins, stains, repaired marginal worming, leaves 224-225 detached, last page professionally restored.
Stefansky, Sifrei Yesod – Classics, No. 324
Rabbi Yaakov Vidal, Rav and Dayan of Salonika, served as Dayan in the Beit Din of Rabbi Shmuel Yitzchak Duliagni and the Beit Din of Rabbi Yosef Kovo. Passed away on 26th day of Nisson 1709 and was eulogized a year later in the great Talmud Torah by his friend the Dayan Rabbi Yosef David as brought in his sefer ‘Yikra Deshichvei’ (sermon 24). His signature appears on the manuscript of a sefer including lectures and collection in which quotes a lot the disciples of the Holy Ari, found in it are dates of redemption according to Shabbatean perception, without mentioning Shabbtai Tzvi himself. There are those that assume that Rabbi Yaakov Vidal is the author of this sefer and considered him as a Sabbatean.

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The Crown of Kabbalah First Edition Zohar Authored by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai; Mantua, 1558 – 1560

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