Sefer Toaliyot HaRalbag, in the order of the five books of the Torah and Neviim Rishonim, by Rabbi Levi son of Gershon.

Riva de Trento: [Antonio Bruin], 1560. First edition.

In his commentaries on the Torah and Neviim, the Ralbag wrote the lesson and moral learnt from each verse and section. This Sefer is a compilation of all the morals which the Ralbag included in his commentaries to Torah and Neviim Rishonim.

Signature on the title page of the Holy Gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Berachiah Sangoiti of Vercelli, rear flyleaf with Torah thoughts in his Holy hand. 

The Gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Berachiah Sangoiti was born in 1745 to his father Rabbi Yechiel of Reggio, of the renowned rabbinical family in Italy. He studied with his father and with the Gaon Rabbi Shimshon Nachmani, author of Toldot Shimshon and Zera Shimshon. He mentions his rabbi in the works which he left in manuscript. He served as rabbi in Vercelli, and left works in manuscript. The ones we know of are found in Machon B"Tz Jerusalem: Siach Yitzchak – commentary on Tehillim, Melech B’Yofyo – commentary on Mishlei, and another three works of sermons and commentaries copied by his disciple Rabbi Zechariah David Shabtai Segri.

40; 27 leaves. 19.6 cm.

Good-fair condition. Stains, some of them heavy, marginal hole to first pages, original vellum binding.

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Toaliyot HaRalbag, First Edition, Riva de Trento 1560 – Signature & manuscript of the Holy Gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Berachiah Sangoiti of Vercelli, disciple of the Holy Rabbi Shimshon Nachmani the 'Zera Shimshon'.

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