Two noteworthy works on Jewish language and grammar by the renowned Hebrew grammarian Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur.

1. Sefer Harkavah – Explanation of complex words in lashon hakodesh.

2. Pirkei Eliyahu – The rules of dikduk in poem.

Venice, 1546. Daniel Bomberg Press. First Edition of Sefer Pirkei Eliyahu.

Both works were vowelized by the famed Jewish printer Cornelius Adil Kind. Pirkei Eliyahu features a separate title page (p. 45a).

Rare Sefer!

[1], 2-83, [1] leaves. 14.8 Cm.

Very Good condition, new full leather binding.

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Sefer Harkavah- Pirkei Eliyahu, Venice 1546. Rare.

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