Sefer Chazut Kashah, on the fundamentals of faith and the attitude to philosophy, by Rabbi Yitzchak Arama – the Baal HaAkedah.

Sabbioneta: Partners for Tobias Foa, 1551. First edition.

38 leaves. 20.2cm.

With the very rare leaves 31-38 of indexes, which are  lacking in almost all copies. 

Overall fair condition, few stains,   professional marginal restorations, later new red cloth binding.

The sefer\'s printer Tobia ben Eliezer Foà came from a Jewish family from Sabbioneta, where he established a printing press specializing in Hebrew books. The Foà printers operated in Sabbioneta from 1551 to 1559, where they produced very important volumes (ca. 26 books). Due to censorship, the press was closed for Jewish printing, and in 1567 was taken over by the gentile printer Vicenzo Conti.

Rabbi Yitzchak b. Moshe Arama (1420-1494) was one of the great Sages of Expulsion-era Spain. He served as rabbi in several communities and printed his drashot in the famous book \'Akedat Yitzchak\' on the Torah.

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Chazut Kashah (by Rabbi Yitzchak Arama) – First Edition – Sabbioneta 1551. With the Very Rare index pages.

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