Sefer Minhagim.By Rabbi Avraham Klausner.

Riva di Trento: Jacob Marcaria, 1559. First Edition.

Very Rare!

ff. 44 (i.e. 40), 14.1 Cm.

Vinograd, Riva 8.

The first sefer of local religious custom (Minhag). Incorporates practices for the entire year, referring to benedictions, prayers and rites according to the Aschkenazi ritual. The Jews of Aschkenaz have long been recognized for the particular religious significance they place upon. Minhag. Therefore, it is perhaps of little wonder that the first collection of customs emerged from that same community.

Rabbi Abraham Klausner (d. 1408), an Austrian Talmudist, was the mentor of Rabbi Israel Isserlein (author of the Terumath HaDeshen),   Rabbi Jacob Moellin (the Mahari”l) and Rabbi Isaac Tyrnau, cementing his influence in the foundation of the spread of Nusach Aschkenaz and Minhag Literature in general. In fact, the latter two students each wrote their own Sepher Minhagim, no doubt inspired by the reverence their master had for the preservation of custom. For more on medieval Aschkenaz and Minhag, see I.M Ta-Shema’s, Minhag Aschkenaz HaKadmon (1992) and H. Soloveitchik’s response in his Collected Essays II (2014) pp. 29-69 and 122-201.

Overall fair condition, stains, marginal restorations, some frayed page corners, half of page 28 is facsimile, later new binding.

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(CEREMONIES). Minhagim. First Edition, Riva di Trento 1559. Very Rare!

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