Prepared by Sebastian Münster.

Basle, Bebel for Isingrin & Petrus, 1534.

Hebrew (vocalized) and Latin in parallel columns, with Latin notes at end of chapters. First word within woodcut frame, initial letter of each chapter historiated.

Printed from left to right. 

ff . (12), 198. Lacking many pages at end.

31.3 Cm.

Folio. Vinograd, Basle 41; Darlow & Moule 5087.


Münster’s outstanding effort, providing an original Latin text independent of the Vulgate. This first Protestant translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew into Latin exercised a considerable influence upon later Bible editions.

See related article by I.I.J. Rosenthal, Sebastian Muenster’s Knowledge and Use of Jewish Exegisis, in: Essays in Honour of J.H. Hertz (1943) pp. 351-69.

Overall Great condition, few stains, title page has marginal tears, a marginal repair and is partially detached, minor marginal worming, original brown leather binding rubbed at edges.

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(BIBLE, Hebrew and Latin). Mikdash Hashem Esrim Ve’Arba - Hebraica Biblia. Basle, 1534.

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