Sefer Masoret HaMasoret, regarding grammar and Mesorah (study of the exact traditional text of the Bible), by Rabbi Eliyahu the grammarian.

Basel, 1539.

[127] Leaves. 13.6 Cm.

Overall Great condition, some stains, small marginal tears on a some pages, page 24 has a repaired tear affecting text, later red leather binding.

Printed with his sefer Tuv Ta’am (Sefer HaTe’amim), on Ta’amei HaMikra, with a separate title page.

[54] Leaves. 13.6 Cm.

Overall Great condition, very few stains, few pages have small marginal tears, later red leather binding.

Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur-Ashkenazi (1470-1549, Otzar HaRabbanim 2069), was an Italian scholar and leading grammarian. He is named after his Sefer "HaBachur", and authored many other compositions on grammar, including HaTishbi and the present Sefer.

The principal argument in the current work is that the cantillation and vocalization marks were devised by the scholars of Mesorah in Tiberias, after the conclusion of the Talmud. This view was regarded critically by some leading Torah scholars (see for instance: Shem HaGedolim by the Chida, Maarechet Sefarim, Tet, 6).

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Masoret HaMasoret - Tuv Ta'am - By Rabbi Eliyahu Bachur - Basel, 1539

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