Sefer Taamei HaMitzvot, reasons of the Torah commandments, kabbalistic commentary on Kriyat Shema and prayer kavanot, by the kabbalist Rabbi Menachem Recanati. With introduction by the publisher, Rabbi Yitzchak b. Rabbi Eliyahu, and another introduction by Rabbi Yaakov b. Rabbi Yitzchak Luzzatto.

Basel: Ambrosius Frobenius, 1581.  Including the [5] Leaves at the end "Luach Sefer Ta’amei HaMitzvot" which aren’t present in all copies.

The publisher describes the importance of the sefer on the title page, concluding: "Whoever studies it will merit the salvation of redemption".

Antique marginal notations. 

Antique inscriptions & signatures on rear of last page.

43,[5], Leaves. 19.5 Cm.

Overall Good condition, stains, first few and last few pages have marginal tears, later new russet leather binding

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Kabbala: Taamei HaMitzvot by Rabbi Menachem Recanati - Basel 1581 - "Whoever Studies it Will Merit the Salvation of Redemption". Antique marginalia & signatures.

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