Commentary on the Seder HaYom recited on Yom Kippur from Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, published by his son, Rabbi Gedalya Cordovero "in a small volume so that it should be possible to attach it at the end of the siddur."

First Edition, Venice, 1587  At the press of Zuan (Giovanni) di Gara.

Following the title page there is an introduction from Rabbi Gedalya: "Being that due to the exile customs of prayers have changed, perhaps one who sees this treatise will think that it was based upon the prayer customs of the Sephardim. I therefore proclaim that it is based upon the ma’aseh korbanos as per the opinion of the Rambam."

At the end of the treatise , there are emotional remarks regarding the passing of his father in 1569, which left him orphaned at the young age of eight.

in addition , there is "Sod Nishama Yeseira" from the Rama of Pano, and a poem honoring the Ramak from Rabbi Shmuel Arqualti, author of Arugas HaBosem.

40 leaves, 15 Cm.

Overall fair condition, stains, worming sometimes affecting text, later brown leather binding.

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Kabbala: Commentary on the Order of the Yom Kippur Service by the RaMak. Venice 1587. First Edition.

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