Sefer MeHarerei Nemerim, Talmudical guidelines and the Midah of Kal Vachomer, by Rabbi Emanuel HaSephardi, the Radbaz, Rabbi Shmuel Elbalnasi, Rabbi Moshe Ibn Musa; with novellae and commentaries on Talmudic treatises by the Ramban, the Maharam of Gornish, Rabbi Avraham di Boton and Rabbi Ya’akov Beirav. Compiled by Rabbi Avraham Akara.

First Edition, Venice, 1599. Printed by Daniel Zanetti.

18, 17- 56 Leaves. 17 Cm.

Without the rare supplement of 6 pages lacking in many copies.

Overall Good condition, quality pages, few stains, title page has frayed corner margin, later new brown leather binding

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MeHarerei Nemerim – Venice, 1599. First Edition.

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