Machzor ‘Hadrat Kodesh’ according to the Ashkenazic custom of Italy, with Remez, Drash and Sod (Pardes) commentary.

Venice, 1599-1600. Zuan Bragadin Press by Zuan Di Gara. Two Parts.

The machzor contains many commentaries and additions by various rabbis. Alongside every Piyyut, its author and his intention were written.

Part 1 A: Prayers for the days of the week and Sabbath, Yotzrot for Sabbath and Rosh Chodesh, Shabbat Bereshit, the Sabbath of Hanukkah, Arba Parshiyot, Purim and Shabbat Hagadol; Selichot for Monday and Thursday and Monday, Assarah BeTevet, the 17th of Tamuz and Brit Milah; Passover and Shavuot; Kinot and "tziyunim" for Tisha beAv; Yotzrot for Shabbat nachamu, Shabbat Nissuin and Brit Milah. At the end of this section, a poem praying the Machzor by Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh of Modena.

Overall Great condition, some stains, pages 175-180 have marginal page repairs, page 277 has a marginal tear affecting text, last page corner margin frayed, later cloth binding with rubbed corners.

340 leaves. 29.8 Cm

Part 2: Selichot and prayers for the month of Elul and the all the High Holidays until Simchat Torah. 

Overall Good-fair condition, stains, title page and some pages have small marginal tears, pages 78-93 top margin absent, page 266 loose from binding, page 267,294-296 lower margin repair, last few pages have some marginal worming, later cloth binding with rubbed corners

315 Leaves, Without last page that has the printers device. 28.2 Cm.

Stefanski Classics 429.

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Machzor Hadrat Kodesh according to the Ashkenazic Custom – with the Pardes Commentary – Two Parts – Venice 1599-1600.

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